This course presents the importance of human resource management as  a central function of any organization. Generally it is beleive that about  50 percent or more of an organization’s operating budget is used to pay the people who work there. HR Management focuses on the  attraction and  effective use  of human capital in an organization through the management of people-related activities. The couse therefore focuses on  leadership responsibilities for HR, strategic HR, factors influencing organizational behaviours, values, employment planning, recruiting and selecting employees, training and compensation, and  performance evaluation.  The course also examines  the significant behavious and factors that  influence the corporate culture and norms.

The general purpose of BHC 304 is to familiarize students with the basic principles and techniques of human resource management. The course takes a practical view that integrates the contributions of the behavioral sciences with the technical aspects of implementing the HR function in the ‘real world. Whether or not students end up HR professional this course is important for all students as they will in any case be employers or employees.  

Students will create and present group Project on the role of HR in a company and use  practical exercises and cases based on the real activities inside entrepreneurial oriented organizations. students will  also watch  scheduled f videos on the theme of Human Resources.


By the end of the course the student will to:

  1. Explain the importance of human resource management as a central management function;
  2. Discuss the factors that influence peoples behavour and attitude to work and how this comtribute to the corporate culture
  3. Describe the chanllenges of modern HR practices
  4. Decribe the reoles, responsibilities and elements of the HR function (e.g. – Strategic HR planning,  recruitment, selection, compensation, training and development, evalualuation, promotion etc.) 
  5. Apply the principles and techniques of human resource management to  major personnel issues and the solution of typical case problems in a real work setting.



Text Book:

Dessler, G. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (4th Edition, Pearson)

ISBN:   9780133791532


● Human resources challenges and strategies

● Work flows and Job design

● Hiring and Promotion

● Investment in skills

● Managing turnover

● Compensation

● HRM support functions