BMC 403: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING                                              (4 CREDITS)


Course Description

This course focuses on the strategic issues concerned with the management of the firm’s marketing activities across international boundaries, as a strategy for business growth, development and expansion. It provides students with the understanding of the realities of international marketing place and its impact on businesses. It examines theories and models of international marketing, the distinction between international trade and international /global marketing, and factors compelling firms to enter international markets. It further describes the processes involved in the internationalization of the firm. It also identifies and analyses marketing opportunities in international markets, evaluate firm’s competitiveness in facing the challenges posed by international market environments, as well as evaluate alternative market entry modes and strategies among others.


Course Outcomes


At the end of the course, students will:


  • Explain the peculiarities and complexities of foreign market environments
  • Develop appropriate international marketing strategies, plans and programmes to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Develop and implement international marketing plans
  • Explain the process of internationalization of firms
  • Demonstrate how to build capacity for exporting and manage logistics
  • Analyse marketing opportunities in international markets


 Course Objectives


The course seeks to:

  •  Explain the role of marketing firms in promoting the international trade policies of government
  • Discuss the macro industry, and competitive forces, as well as the intra-firm resource position on marketing decisions of firms operating in foreign markets.
  • Provide skills and knowledge into foreign markets and apply market information to develop and implement marketing plans for a firm’s product or service.
  • Discuss the external and internal forces that influence the development of a firm’s Competitiveness.

 Course Content


This course covers these topics:


  • An Overview of International Marketing
  • The International Marketing Environments
  • Assessing International Market Opportunities
  • International Marketing Planning & Organization
  • International Marketing – concepts, definitions, scope and challenges
  • The Complexity of the International Marketing Environment
  • The Need for Environmental Adaptation
  • The Self-Reference Criterion & Ethnocentrism: Major Obstacles
  • Developing Global Awareness
  • The Internationalization of Firms
  • The International Marketing Strategy Development Process
  • International Product Management
  • Pricing for International Markets
  • Managing International Distribution & Logistics


 Compulsory Reading Material;

  •  Cateora, P; & Graham, L; (2009) International marketing (14th ed.) : New Jersey: McGraw Hill/Irwin


Optional Reading Materials:

  • Bradley, F. (2007) International marketing strategy (6th ed.): Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
  • Czinkota , M. & Ronkainen, I. (1998). International marketing. New Jersey: McGraw- Hill/Irwin
  • Isobel, D., Robin, L. & Phillips, C. (1998) International marketing strategy: Analysis, development and implementation. Financial Times/Prentice Hall
  • Johnny, J. (2000). Global marketing: Foreign entry, local marketing, & global management. (2 ed.) New Jersey: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
  • Meloan, T. & Graham, J. (2005). Global marketing: Concepts & cases. (3rd ed.) Sydney, Australia: Prentice Hall