Course Description

This course offers students the basic understanding of key concepts in specialized reporting that focus on particular fields in journalism and mass communication. Thus it prepares students for specialization in Edutainment, Court Reporting, Political reporting and Business reporting.


Learning Outcomes


·         Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in specialized reporting that focus on particular fields in journalism and mass communication

·         Demonstrate basic reporting skills in the specialized field 

·         Write good news stories worthy of publication 

·         Exhibit mastery of the art of interviewing for stories in the specialized   

·         Demonstrate considerable knowledge of the techniques for writing good features 

·         Demonstrate  an understanding of role of research news writing in the chosen field

Course Content.

·         Introduction to Specialized Reporting

·         Theories

·         Legal Framework

·         Code of conduct

·         Writing for Media as Specialized Reporter

·         Edutainment

·         Court Reporting

·         Political Reporting

·         Business Reporting

·         Gender Reporting


Required Reading Materials


·         Avraham, E &Ketter, E. (2008). Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis: Improving

·         Image of Cities, Countries and Tourist Destinations. Oxford UK: Elsevier Inc.

·         Dickens, P. (2004). Society & Nature, Policy. UK: Press Ltd.

·         Greer, F.D. (2002). Business, Government, Society: Managing Competitiveness, Ethics &

·         Social Issues. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

·         Kovach, B. &Rosevenstiel, T. (2007). The Elements of Journalism: What the Newspaper

·         Should Know and the Public Should Expect. New York: Three Rivers Press.

·         Riley, P.L. (2009). Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice. UK: ITDG




Optional Reading Materials


·         Laakso,L. & Cowen. M. (2002). Multiparty elections in Africa. Oxford: James Currey Ltd.


·         Langlos, J.A. (2001). The Politics of Justice and Human Rights. Cambridge: University Press.

·         Missouri group. (2008). News Reporting and Writing. (9th ed.). New York: Bedford Ltd.




Course Description


This course is a build up upon News Reporting and is structured to help students become careful and precise editors of their own writing and that of others. The goal is to expose students to the function and operations of copy editing. The course focuses on skills associated with all stages of the news reporting process with the view to developing the knowledge of students on how potential news items are selected, how journalists manage relationship with contacts and how they conduct interviews.  Topic covered  include news writing and structures employed in news reporting of different types, and skills required to distil sometimes complex material into a form which will attract and hold the attention of casual readers.


Leaning Outcomes


By the end of the course, students should be able to

·         Demonstrate a profound understanding of how to identify news and  methods of gathering  news

·         Thoroughly analyse the various forms of news writing and their guiding principles

·         Discuss  the role of citizen journalism in the contemporary world

·         Explain factors that go into conducting an effective interview for a story

·         Discuss why journalists must uphold ethical principles in their trade


Course Content


·         Redefining News: Citizen Journalism and Convergence

·         Gathering and verifying information

·         Reporting with numbers; computer assisted reporting

·         Inverted pyramid; beyond the inverted pyramid

·         Covering and writing news, speeches, news conferences

·         Conducting interviews

·         Reporting and code of ethics, qualities of a reporter


Required Reading Materials

·         Harrower, Tim. (2010). Inside Reporting: A Practical Guide to the Craft of Journalism. New Delhi: McGraw Hill Education.

·         Hough, G. A. (1994). News Writing. (5th ed.). USA: Houghton Mifflin College.


Optional Reading Material  

·         Kamath, M. V. (2009). The Journalist’s Handbook. India: Vikas Publishing House Ltd.