Foundation Programme

This course provides a solid foundation for students who will take business courses in their degree programmes.



The term is quite familiar to most of us. It refers to an activity that people perform everyday. Actually it is said that as humans we begin to communicate the moment we are born. For example, the cry of a baby draws the attention of its mother thus making the mother to either feed or comfort it.   In this case the baby’s cry communicates a message to its mother.
Communication refers to an activity or process that serves to connect people through  space  and  time.  All  communication  involves  a  person  understanding others and having others understanding him/her. In this way it unites person and person, person and group or group and group.
Studies have found out however that even through people communicate since their infancy, they are not as effective as they should be, The process of transmitting information from an individual (or group) to another is a very complex process as it involves different stages hence the purpose of this unit of study, to train you on how best to communicate with others.


  • To explain the concept of Communication
  • To analyse the concept of Effective Communication
  •  To  apply effective communication skills to achieve stated goals
  • To explain the importance and uses of effective Communication

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a must-have skill for everyone. Use of computers has revolutionized the way we work, learn, play, and manage our daily lives. Computer increases productivity and give us access to much information. In fact, workplaces and schools now expect individuals to be computer literate and use these systems to accomplish required tasks. As a student, ICT course will help open the doors to deep understanding of other subjects of your profession. The demand for ICT skills is growing and combining it together with your profession provides an impact to employers. As an emerging field, there is no easy way to perform your jobs without using ICT. So, learning ICT is vital.