Programme Philosophy  

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme is designed for students who may wish to attain practical skills and specialization in this diverse field to serve organizations as specialists from within or consultants from outside. Administration has become indispensable in personal branding, modern businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. The programme therefore allows you to choose a top-level academic specialization track in Human Resource Management or Finance and Accounting or Marketing Management or International Business Management. The Programme is designed to cover general business and management overviews of both West Africa and the World. It provide the strong foundation of tools required by participants to assume  middle and top level management positions for those who enter the labor market or become successful entrepreneurs  in the case of those who seek self-employment. it thus Provides a firm theoretical foundation and the necessary skills, knowledge and social awareness to manage businesses with a minor focus on leadership and learning, this program covers all aspects of business administration. Each  track within the program challenges students to critically assess traditional theories of business and explores the new dimensions created by globalization.

Programmes Aims / Objectives

The Bachelor of Business Administration Programme seeks to:

v  Equip students with the essential knowledge and skills involved in the practice of human resource management for both international and local organisations

v  Equip students with the knowledge and skills in strategic marketing planning and understanding consumer and organisational behaviour.

v  Develop students’ ability to identify and select appropriate accounting and financial management tools and techniques for organisational decision making.

v  Train students to develop feasible business proposal for implementation

v  Develop innovative competence in students to initiate entrepreneurial ventures

v  Discuss ethical theories and principles that students can apply in real life business situation

v  Analyze quality Management tools and techniques as well as best practices for business sustainability and competitive advantage.           

 Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, it is envision that participants should be able to:

v                   Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of organizations strategic Human Resource  


v  Apply appropriate theories and concepts in the formulation of marketing planning and segmenting of consumer and business markets

v  Analyze  appropriate accounting and finance management tools and techniques for organisational decision making

v  Demonstrate the ability to facilitate  organizations strategic procurement and supply chains management

v  Apply ethical and professional principles to decision making

v  Demonstrate the ability to write strategic business proposals  for implementation

v  Develop sustainable entrepreneurial ventures to contribute to growth and development of the nation

v  Apply the quality management tools and techniques

Progression and Graduation

·  To progress from semester to semester, a student is required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.50

·  A student shall be allowed to repeat a course until he/she has passed the paper so far as she is within the GPA of not less than 1.50.

·  Courses designated as pre-requisites to more advanced courses must be passed before the latter courses are offered.

· A student, after successfully completion of a semester can, upon written application giving reasons and after approval has been granted defer and continue in the appropriate semester.

· Students shall also participates in live virtual streaming lectures and virtual classrooms and where necessary avail themselves on campus for the face to face intermittent programs

· Must fulfil four times mandatory visit to the university within the period of study

· Students shall pass a minimum of 124 course credits  to be eligible for graduation for level 100 entry

· Students shall pass a minimum of 96 course credits  to be eligible for graduation for level 200 entry

·  Students shall pass a minimum of  68 course credits to be eligible for graduation for level 300 entry

           Summary of Graduation Requirements

Programme Requirements

Credit Hours (Normative 4 year)

Advance Standing 1 (3 Years)

Advance Standing 2 (2 Years)

General Education




Professional Core




Beyond the Core












Maximum Credit Allowed












Minimum Credit Pass for graduation





NB            Advance standing 1 represent students who enters at level 200

                 Advance standing 2 represent students who enters at level 300